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Williamsport Sun-Gazette

September 28, 2013

LOCK HAVEN  – “You want to get married in a barn?”

Jeff and Christina Frank, owners of the historic barn located near Lock Haven, thought the request was out of the question. Their astonished reaction, however, did little to dissuade the optimism of the bride-to-be. “You’ll be surprised,” she said. Surprised, they were.

The preparation of the historic 4,800 square foot barn, once used to house hay, potatoes and livestock, into an acceptable reception site took months for the Franks to accomplish.

Five full dump truck loads of odd-sized boards were removed from the rafter areas and hauled away. Rusted pieces of farm equipment were examined, some saved for decorations, others discarded as scrap. Wheel barrow after wheel barrow of dusty straw were removed to be used as mulch for the bordering perennial garden. As the floor space was cleared, the Franks, too, could imagine the transformation into a magical, dream-come-true reception site that the bride had planned.

1900 Red Barn

The barn, located at 652 Island Road, was constructed in 1900 by craftsmen of the day. Monstrous beams, both in diameter and length, provide the framework for the open space that can house 250 guests.

The weathered barn boards provide the perfect rustic juxtaposition to a formal affair. The building is surrounded entirely by acres of either corn, tomatoes or beans, depending upon the crop rotation. Swing open the back, second floor doors and the entire mountainside is in view.

With the cleaning complete, the Franks awaited the big day. They watched in amazement as the lighting crew, decorating team and caterer descended upon the site. Sneaking a peak at the barn’s interior the night before the big day was like walking into pages from a magazine.

“I burst into tears when I saw it,” Christina said. “I’ve always had a soft spot for romance, and this certainly was more than I could have ever imagined. “To date many beautiful weddings and receptions have been hosted at the site, the Franks are quick to add that word of mouth and our website has been the primary means of advertising.”We realize that others may desire this type of site for celebrating their special day.”